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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning everyone. i'm sorry. >> stereo, . >> there you go. 5:01 thanks for joining us. not a spare the air day our headline. >> but going to be hot again. mike i'm sorry i stole your dancing from you, but you go ahead many >> i missed that, will do you it again? >> no. >> welcome to tuesday almost a car been copy of monday. heat going to start subsiding tomorrow. no clouds, no rain, no precipitation, nothing but warmth still this morning especially around fremont and antioch 77 and 70. rest of us in the 50s and 60s. the afternoon hours low to upper 70s at the coast, cooling late in the afternoon hot sunshine around the bay mid 80s to mid 90s inland 93 to 101. developing news this just in from amtrak crews hoped to
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have the tracks open now following that crash and derailment in the central valley. kira klapper is in oakland. are they going to meet that reopening timeline? >> reporter: they sure are. now amtrak's spokes people are saying the opening will be later this morning. very vague from that 5 a.m. deadline they had originally hoped for. we have video from yesterday's crash when a big rig driver failed to yield and hit an amtrak train traveling south of fresno. the impact pushed two passenger cars and locomotive off the tracks, 20 of the 170 passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries. the driver of the big rig was pinned inside the car, removed and somehow wasn't seriously injured. investigators say the crash happened at a crossing equipped with gates to stop traffic.
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>> initial reports to us from witnesses state the -- [ inaudible ] we will do an extensive investigation and determine that one way or the other. >> reporter: while the investigation continues so do final repairs this morning. spokesperson says there are no delays but passengers traveling between bakersfield and hanford are being transported by bus. kira klapper, abc7 news. 5:03. new from southern california where a moderate earthquake shook the san diego area overnight. the 4.1 quake hit near pine valley before 1:30 this morning, 45 minutes outside san diego. no word of injuries or damage following that quake. uniform supply company in concord will be cleaning up after fire ripped through the business last night. the fire sent up a huge column
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of smoke firefighters managed to keep it from getting inside the building. the damage was kept to a pile of laundry outside the building. there were no injuries. this morning, grief counselors will be on the campus of albany middle school following the apparent suicide a popular teacher. students gathered last night to remember james izumizaki. he was arrested last week accused of having a sexual relationship with a student under 14. police say he was found dead inside a car yesterday. administrators plan a news conference this morning. terry mcsweeney will have more coming up. this afternoon, san francisco man expected to enter a plea on charges of kidnapping a 9-year-old girl from mark side elementary in san mateo prosecutors charged 25-year-old bradley mrozek with kidnapping and child molestation.
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prosecutors say he groped the girl in a school bathroom covered her mouth with his hand and carried her off campus she fought back, ran back to the school and reported the crime. mrozek is also charged with menacing children at two other schools. relatives of one of the men discovered his body along the san mateo county coast yesterday, both men srarb niched in the waters sunday -- vanished in the waters sunday after their boat capsized. neither was wearing a life jacket. two on the boat who were wearing life jackets swam to shore. the name of the man found has not been released. trial of an east bay woman accused of killing former friend and high school classmate will continue this morning. 28-year-old giselle esteban is accused of first degree murder in the death of michelle le last year. during opening statements yesterday esteban's attorney admitted his client killed le but says it happened
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spontaneously and wasn't premeditated many prosecutors say esteban was threatened by le's relationship with her ex-boyfriend the father of esteban's child. le's remains were found near sunol four months after she disappeared in may 2011. supporters and fame of 18-year-old man killed by oakland police are planning to march to city hall this evening to address the city council little. he was fatally shot by police last may. supporters demonstrated last saturday demanding police release their report. he and two friends were stopped and searched the teen was shot three times when he tried to run. police say a gun was found near his body but the family claims it was planted. milpitas leaders considering outsourcing the city's police department that is generating concerns in the community. a group of opponents calling
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themselves concerned citizens of milpitas vow to attend the meeting in aefrt to block the change. the -- in an effort to block the change. the east contra costa fire district notified laid off firefighters in the state that it is hiring again and will begin recruiting. the district received a federal grant of nearly eight million dollars which means it started filling 15 positions it was forced to eliminate during budget cuts in july. it plans to hire decision al dozen firefighters. half the -- half the firefighters laid off will be coming back the others have found jobs elsewhere. the grant will help reopen three fire stations. we have a few brushfires yesterday they were able to contain it hopefully the winds will stay down i know a lot of
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you would like to turn the ac down. >> yeah, that would be nice. >> nice to stay comfortable, tough to spend that money. good thing it is only for a couple of days. everybody warmer this morning significantly fremont 14 to 9° warmer in san francisco, seven antioch, five mountain view, six san jose los gatos when you step out, don't be surprised that chill we are used to not out there. we'll call it mild. jet stream moving further south now pushing the high off a little east still close enough that it is going to have a profound effect on our weather with the heat today. 50s and 60s at 7:00, sunshine already hot inland by noon, 94 there 81 bay, 74 coast, coast will see cooling late this afternoon while the rest of us are baking in 90 to 100° heat at 4:00, 80s and 90s around the bay and inland while the
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coast is in the 60s by 7:00 all that cooling spreads inland tomorrow and throughuw thursday and friday before you know it, temperatures are around 15 to 20° cooler by friday. good commute so far. good morning. happy tuesday. east shore freeway past university golden gate fields into emeryville moving nicely no delays into the macarthur maze. here's what you get when you get to the toll very light, no metering lights traffic at the limit upper deck traveling into san francisco at this hour good drive. leaving antioch also good dive at this hour towards 242 about a -- under 20 minute drive hillcrest westbound 4 roadwork out there south 101 sir francis drake a bit through cortamadera mostly down to one lane on the waldo tunnel --
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waldo grade through the tunnel. drive out of the central valley still good. up and over the altamont pass near dublin-pleasanton area less than 20 minutes with all the activities going on with america's cup starting today, embarcadero, lots of things going on you might want to consider public transit, everyone is getting off to a great start. 5:10. next, refunds on the way for some american express customers who were charged illegally. new charges against former employees of bernie madoff. what we've learned about a decade's old fraud scheme. you've heard of bomb-sniffing dogs at airports. this k-9 is on the prowl for a different criminal. we'll explain. >> first here's paula faris with america's money report. >> reporter: washington think tank says if congress can't
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reach agreement on extending tax cuts 90% will see hikes averaging $3500. jpmorgan chase sued nor massive fraud during the mortgage crisis. it focuses on improper practices rather than a specific deal. "toys r us" -- toys "r" us is going to match competitors instore prices customers will need to show print ads the offer does not include online deals. honda recalling 600,000, 2003 through 2007 accords with v6 engines. don't worry about a bacon shortage industry says those are you ready ?
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we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin good tuesday morning. san francisco you can look across the bay to oakland and you can see not many clouds out there certainly no fog to speak of this morning. keeping us pretty hot in the bay area. meteorologist mike nicco says that fog will be returning he's going to have your timeline tell you when we'll cool coming up. more news now. new york prosecutors have filed new charges against convicted wall street swindler bernie madoff many prosecutors say they've uncovered new information that traces his multi-billion dollar fraud
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scheme to the 70s. it was first thought the scheme starred in the 90s. the rewritten -- indictment brings new charges of bank fraud and tax offenses against four longtime madoff employees. madoff is serving a 150 year prison sentence in north carolina. san francisco supervisors considering legislation that would crackdown on short term corporate apartment rentals. corporations have been skirting existing law by signing long term leases only to rent the units out to visiting employees for a few days a week. a law prohibits occupancy for less than thirty days in apartment buildings with four or more units the practice ties up high demand housing inventory and raises safety concerns among long term tenants with strangers coming and going like they would at a hotel. supervisors vote in two weeks on the measure to set up a complaint and hearing process.
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councilmembers approved anti-tobacco ordinance voted to ban smoking in all apartments and condominiums. smoking will be banned in parks, bus stops, restaurant patios and many outdoor spaces. officials say the move is aimed at protecting people from secondhand smoke. smoking would still be allowed in single family homes, vehicles and up to 20% of hotel rooms. new report from the census bureau shows americans aren't seeing doctors as much as they used to. in 2010, people 18 to 64 made four yearly visits. that is down from nearly five visits per year in 2001. one reason baby pwaoerpl are retiring leaving behind younger workers who useless health care, growing population of uninsureed. if you are an american express customer you may have money come .
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the barn will refund 80 might have million dollars to a quarter million customers because of what the government calls excepty practices. the barn illegally charged late fees and discrim fated against older consumers. in italy there's a -- italy there's a dog who is not man's best friend. stella is a labrador who works at the airport rather than sniffing out drugs or close s she trained to sniff out cash smuggled into or out of the country. the latest weapon in italy's finance police which are using it to crackdown on tax evasion. they say it costs the government 340 billion dollars a year. >> can we train her to sniff out gold nuggets the ones taken from the mariposa museum. >> i think across the atlantic might be a little much to expect. >> all right.
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cooling trend on the way today for some areas more so tomorrow another hot day in store, good morning 5:18, we are looking from vollmer peak at a clear and nearly calm bay. rare time of the year where we are going to have a heat weigh, mini heatwave in the bay area at least for two days. live doppler, you can see it spinning and on the mount st. helena, no clouds, no drizzle, no rain, nothing to worry about as far as wet weather today. it is now 76 in fremont, one degree cooler than last hour. 70 antioch, 50 highway highway, -- 50 at half moon bay, head down to the monterey bay, 58 in gilroy, low to mid 60s -- sunny and hot again today. good news clear and mild tonight with 50s and 60s sharp
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cooling starts tomorrow throughout the rest of the forecast. today mid to upper 90s south bay los gatos 97, warm spot, mid 80s millbrae 85 to mid 90s peninsula today. low to mid 70s around half moon bay and pacifica upper 70s near 80 sunset and daly city temperatures drop a little late this afternoon, mid 80s downtown south san francisco and sausalito low to mid 90s north bay valleys mid 70s at your beefs berkeley and hayward upper 80s everybody else 90 to 94° along east bay shore. upper 90s to low 100s east bay valleys. 100 gilroy and hollister. coliseum rocking tonight now the a's have made playoffs,
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7:05 first pitch, 78 dropping to 68. 50s and 60s lack of clouds tonight start to see more clouds tomorrow and more cooling as the sea breeze develops wednesday afternoon temperatures drop 10 to 12° we drop another two to 10° saturday, sunday, monday coolest days in the forecast now. good morning. ly shot of the san mateo bridge this is your -- foster city up the highrise, couple of brake lights across the span, basically traffic moving well from east to west. the other direction towards hayward. we have eastbound roadwork until 1:00 this afternoon that could be causing some delays towards hayward. san rafael past lucas valley road marin ymca 101 at limit, light, roadwork in southern marin will slow you don't a bit towards the golden gate bridge. we've got so many events today
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america's cup starts at marina green, chrissy field, hardly strictly coming this weekend, fleet week is starting, giants and 49ers to get around all this you want to look at our waze map. roadwork 90 two southbound 280 that ram shut until 6:00 this morning. drive times, carquinez bridge to the maze, hillcrest to 242, 580 from the altamont, abc7 waze app this is the embarcadero it is a free app to help you get around this weekend. next, we are in october and it is breast cancer awareness month. see which landmarks are showing their pink pride, including some that are the epitome of power. costume crusaders take over the streets of one california city. new results from a study
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about men and their hair. why being bald isn't all that [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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disease. a quarter of a million women were diagnosed last year. in san diego a crime-fighting group going door-to-door warning people about a new threat and doing it in costume. this man calls himself mr. extreme of the extreme justice league. he knocks on doors in the city heights neighborhood handing out flyers and telling people police are looking for a double murder suspect. >> i think that is great they are trying to help out the community nobody else cares. nobody else walking around with costumes on trying to fight crime. like superman, spider-man. >> city officials don't mind the extra help they say the state has burdened them by releasing parolees from prison and sending them to live in their city. >> researchers at university of pennsylvania have done a study on bald men and they found there is an upside to hair loss. bald men appear and more powerful than others. guys with shaved heads are seen as taller, stronger and having greater potential as
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leaders. more coming up on "good morning america" right after our newscast at 7:00. >> shaved is different from bald. a different look. >> i think they are very different. we'll have to see. do i look taller? >> either way you look tough and tall. >> thank you that is nice. next albany teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student is found dead students can expect when they head back to class this morning. arsonist on the loose in the north bay. accused of torching several building, including churches. clues that could lead to an arrest. post see soon magic on both sides of the bay, a's guarantee themselves a spot in the post see on. guarantee it is going to be warm to hot today 100s in the east bay valleys, 90s bay and inland 80s coast into
5:27 am
san francisco, a few 70s at the coast, very fall-like east of the rockies, around denver and salt lake, 80s to 103 phoenix. major airports green, threat of severe weather in the ohio river valley here at home without the clouds no worries getting into sfo this morning. flight tracker will tell you other delays at the bottom. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go?
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a lot of events beginning with america's cup, world series regatta, -- >> mike? >> cool other the water 10° cooler than over land where you are watching it so it will be varying conditions in a short a time. right now dry on live doppler,
5:31 am
satellite and radar, no satellite or clouds to show either from the satellite picture 76 fremont, 70 antioch continue to be warm spots 52 napa. low to mid 60s for everybody else. cooling late at the coast before you get to that cooling late this afternoon sunshine and lower to upper 70s wouldn't be surprised if a few 80s show up like yesterday. inland humming of air conditioners mid 90s to low 100s this could be the last dave excessive heat ii >> -- last day of excessive heat. grief counselors will be on hand at albany middle school following apparent suicide of a teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. terry mcsweeney is live at the school with the details. >> reporter: the school
5:32 am
district is holding a news conference this morning 8:30. grief counselors will be back out here for the second time in two weeks. they were here last week when mr. james izumizaki was arrested for committing lewd acts with a student -- former student under the age of 14, twice in two weeks out here at albany middle school a blow yesterday with the discovery of his the scene out here at the middle school this was last night, parents and students coming out as word go around of his death. police say the body of 28-year-old james izumizaki was found in a car yesterday morning. apparently a suicide. we are told he left a note behind. this is a man who was very popular on campus. he was a teacher, coach, basketball, volleyball students called him mr. i. when word spread of his death last night people came to the school. >> i just found out at about
5:33 am
6:00, my wife told me she heard it from somebody in the neighborhood. >> my parents got divorced 6th grade from that point he was my big brother. he was big influence in my life and still is. >> reporter: mr. izumizaki was out on bail, next court appearance was october 24th. he was arrested last wednesday morning at his house in the east bay. he was supposed to have an arraignment friday that was pushed back. one of the questions that going to be asked today did police run into difficulty with the case arraign was pushed back until three weeks from now. also, there will be questions about how this all came to be the case came forward we don't have many details about the victim the alleged victim in this case. if you look out here at this memorial, a lot of students signing up, flowers, candles,
5:34 am
this was a man who despite the controversy surrounding his death was very much appreciated and some people still saying they really appreciate what he did at albany middle school. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. developing news from oakland, right now police are investigating two late night shootings that let two men dead. a man was found shot on the 2000 block of macarthur boulevard last night he died at the scene. an hour and a half earlier another man was shot to death on the 9000 block of macarthur boulevard. police still investigating whether the shootings may be connectioned. amtrak service not up and running -- aspected this hour, crews work through the night in the -- as expects this hour. crews worked through the night. they hoped to have the tracks open a half hour ago that was pushed back, 170 passengers were on the train yesterday when it was hit bay a big rig
5:35 am
truck south of fresno. at least 20 were hurt in the derailment. investigators state truck failed to yield and hit the train at a crossing equipped gets to stop traffic. we'll have a live report from kira klapper on how amtrak service is being impacted this morning coming up in the next half hour. 5:35. investigators in santa rosa are looking for the person they say on a molotov cocktail spree. arsonist targeted two churches in the downtown area and engineering office late sunday night is the worst of the damage doors at the church in downtown santa rosa charred by flame. investigators say whoever threw the molotov cocktail also targeted the episcopal church minutes before but that device failed to ignite. another molotov cocktail did ignite at the offices of a civil engineering firm a janitor put that fire out quickly. fans of the a's are
5:36 am
bursting with green and gold pride after the team clinched first playoff bert in six years. -- berth in six years. >> announcer: they are going to the post-season, unbelievable! >> a's beat rangers 4-3 last night. you can see how thrilled they were. the a's partied like they've never been here before, because most of them haven't. >> the feeling is unbelieveable man, words can't explain it to come as far as we have and nobody expected it, good feeling to silence a lot of people. >> amazing! playoffs baby! >> they went into the season having a good time and the a can win the division title
5:37 am
outright by beating the rangers tonight and tomorrow afternoon to sweep the series. 11 teams from the america's cup world series will take to san francisco bay agained if for the competition the second chapter of the competition. today will be free practice sailing with qualifying event tomorrow. championship racing begins thursday builds each day to super sunday racing the first leg was in august when thousands packed the marina green for the event one of several leading up to next year's finals in september, right here in san francisco. at the same time, the blue angels will cruise into town and fleet week they arrive around 6:15 flying in formation into sfo they will be joined by ships and sailors from around the world. mayor lee kicked off fleet week yesterday. >> seeing the blue angels fly and practice and the parade of ships that we have -- >> this is probably the best
5:38 am
week i've seen in my 36 years as door man. >> hardly -- also the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park, oracle open world, private pearl jam concert on treasure island, italian heritage parade and castro street fair, giants in the playoffs and 9ers home. >> you can navigate around all these events or your usual traffic jam with waze, abc7's free traffic app, waze will reroute you around any major issues. you can download it free from if case you are planning your weekend when to watch the giants they will open up their playoff at home saturday against either cincinnati or washington. with all those events going on the whole weekend will be a lot of traffic. >> and a lot of fun if you can hold on 24 hours maybe even a little cooler. here's mike.
5:39 am
things will change drastically, starting tomorrow as we get deeper into the week. morning for now nearly calm to light east wind at hayward three miles per hour light wind out of the south at three concord just a breath south of the southwest at fairfield at three that is one of the reasons why we are going to have heat once again high pressure on top of us and you can see the satellite and radar all storms to the north. today 50s and 60s through 7:00, start off with sunshine, the difference between yesterday, today is in the air quality. no spare the air day. look how hot we are by noon inland mid 90s, low 80s, mid 70s the key at the coast going to cool a little late this afternoon. 70, 4:00 we are in 90s and 100s bay and inland in the 60s at 7:00 we are in the 80s and 90s around the bay and inland we drop foot 80s and 90s tomorrow around the bay and
5:40 am
inland 60s coast friday barely in the 80s inland mid 70s bay 50s at the coast. it is going to turn sharp, be careful today. good morning. so far your vied looking nicely east shore freeway past golden gate fields, emeryville, berkeley into the macarthur maze starting to pick up a little no major slow downs into the bay bridge if that is where you are headed no metering lights cash paying folks have a minor delay. carpool and fastrak whizing no problems upper deck into san francisco light san jose towards cupertino north 280, 17 overcrossing no delays out of the santa cruz mountains if you are leaving the central valley, things are picking up once you get into the dublin-pleasanton area a bit slow out of the central valley. once again oracle open world has howard street closed south of market expect major delays the rest of the week.
5:41 am
we are coming up on 5:51. tragic boating crash leaves dozens dead in hong kong. this morning several people arrested for the tragedy. incredible video of a methanol plant going up in flames. we'll show you the dangerous conditions firefighters had to deal with. thieves steal from california's most pressured have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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good morning. six crewmembers are under arrest right now of a ferry crash that killed $s in the waters off hong kong. at least 37 people are dead, more than 100 sent to the hospital after yesterday's crash with another boat. this morning authorities arrested crewmembers from both boats. they are accused of endangering parties by operating the boats unsafely. the ferry was taking party goes to a fireworks show. take a look at thin credible video of a fireball exploding in the skies over -- canada. a fire broke out in a warehouse that stores methanol used by racing car companies near winnipeg. the result, huge black plumes of smoke and fireballs erupting into the air. fires had to back off because
5:45 am
it became too dangerous to fight. the search is on for two thiefs who made off with two million dollars in gold at the state mining and mineral museum last friday. police searched but they were long gone. they made off with several fifth-sized gold nuggets. -- fist-sized gold nuggets. >> two witnesses told me they were dressed like ninjas with night googles on. >> probably the largest -- goggles on. >> probably the largest in mariposa history. >>. new census figures out this morning give us a closer look at widening gap between rich
5:46 am
and poor. bloomberg business report next. stage is set between first debate between mitt romney and president obama. the arguments both will be using. penalty you will pay when you fly one airline. you won't believe how much money your carry-ons could cost you. holiday hiring already in full swing at one major retailer. how many employees macy's is hoping to hire for christmas. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪
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welcome back. hot everywhere again a little relief at the coast late this afternoon after you get in the upper 70s to near 80, mid 80s to mid 90s bay, low 100s inland valleys east bay everybody else in the 90s inland. hunt's throughout the central valley record he'd -- 100s throughout the central valley, 100 around say death valley not a surprise there. 94 in l.a. and 83 in san diego. i have a question would you do with $49,000? win big with abc 7 and find out we are giving away $49,000 all of our facebook friends
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are eligible whether you are a new fan or with us from the beginning. go to click this win $49,000 button that will take out to page where you can fill out the entry form with we'll announce the winner october 18th, after the 49ers game. good luck. we have breaking news out of vallejo. three-alarm fire has been keeping fire crews busy. that blaze broke out at a home in the 100 block of el camino real, crews knocked it down but it flared back up now the fire is reportedly out but did spread to nearby brush so crews are keeping an eye on it. presidential election takes place five weeks from tropical depression. president obama and mitt romney are practicing for the first debate tomorrow night. the stage is being set at the university of denver, romney will need a stellar
5:51 am
performance to turn the tide of polling that has him trailing the president in many of the nine battleground states expected to decide the elect. last night in denver, romney previewed one of his lines of tack. >> we've had 43 straight months of unemployment above 8%. what he does the president have to say? he says forward. i think forewarned is a better turn. >> as for president obama, he took a break from practice debate yesterday to visit workers at a nevada campaign office, making a few calls to voters. abc news will buy you live coverage starting at 6:00 right here. if you are flying with spirit airlines you want to pay attention to a new rule. airlines says f you don't pay for your carry-on in advance you will have to pay $100, at the gate for each piece. spirit is one of the few carriers who charge for carry-ons if you tell the airline in advance it is
5:52 am
between $20 to $35 a bag. airline says it is necessary to speed up boarding. if that were true why wouldn't every airline charge that? >> right. let's talk about more pleasant matters. so much going on. how is the weather looking? >> two division winners the same -- [ talking over each other ] good morning. beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge, absence of the clouds, that means as we look at live doppler 7 hd no rain to speak of, no drizzle, no mist on live doppler 7 hd. that's what we are looking at
5:53 am
now. scans around 150 miles if it is going to rain we would know well in advance. still in the low to mid 70s antioch and fremont, low 50s half moon bay, napa and santa rosa, low to mid 60s for the rest of us, low to mid 60s most of the monterey bay inland to salinas. today sunny and hot, tonight clear and mild probably a little cooler around the bay and coast than it is this morning as sea breeze returns late this afternoon and overnight that will jumpstart a sharp cooling that will take place the rest of the week. area of low pressure to our south, high pressure to our east high pumping up all that heat from the desert and bringing night our neighborhoods and make it excessive and prom and dry air taking away any -- marine layer and clouds therefore any cooling.
5:54 am
noon clouds6t 3:00, 70s to 100s, another brutal day inland with heat pushing mid to upper 90s south bay, mid 80s to mid 90s peninsula. low to mid 70s along peninsula -- mid 90s through the north bay valleys. upper 80s to mid 90s east bay shoreline, east bay valleys, upper 90s to low 100s monterey 80 for the cool spot, santa cruz 90 near 100 gilroy and hollister. over the water in the mid 70s, on land low to mid 80s light west wind 10 knots. practice will run from 4 to 6 today. drop in temperatures most significant along the coast tomorrow through the bay and inland by friday temperatures continue to drop below normal levels for the weekend into
5:55 am
monday. have a great day be safe with the heat. good morning. live shot of the san mateo bridge tail lights towards the highrise foster city no problems eastbound towards hayward there is roadwork foster city boulevard towards flat section of the bridge the span no delays at this hour with all the activities going on around the bay we have a big recommendation for to you take mass transit. right now everybody is on time, bart, caltrain, a look at your drive times, 680 from 24 to 580 less about 15 minutes 24 westbound to the caldecott tunnel, 580 over the altamont starting to bunch up over the central valley stall eastbound 24 at the caldecott right bore right lane maybe causing delays headed into the caldecott tunnel. we have your waze app for all the fleet week and america's
5:56 am
cup and hardly strictly bluegrass you are looking at 680 good drive towards 24. download this free app it will tell you where the jam-ups are new census figures show the gap between the rich and poor is widening. >> here's jane king. have you been to the doctor lately? the number of visits on the decline census bureau says average adult 18 to 64 made 3.9 visits in 2010, down from 4.8 in 2001. census bureau says top 1% of income earnest saw their take increase 5 1/2% last year fell in the bottom 80%. mixed close for stocks yesterday better than expected reports on manufacturing. watch for a check in the mail from american express agreeing
5:57 am
to pay more than 112 million dollars in fines and refunds to customers after being accused by federal regulators of deceptive marketing, illegally late fees and discrim nails against older applicants. i'm jane king. national retail federation expects winter holiday shopping sales to rise 4.1% this year. hiring reflects mixed view, nationwide macy's planning to hire 80,000 for the christmas season, 2 1/2% increase from last year. next, train tracks remain closed in the central valley after an amtrak crash and derailment. the impact in the bay area. blindfolded and put into a smelly room. 7 on your side tells us if a product promises to take away bad odors lives up to the hype. call it open 's big game
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